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The Vanceburg Police Department is responsible for law enforcement and community policing in Vanceburg.


Our mission is to promote and maintain an atmosphere of safety and security within our community through highly-skilled employees dedicated to the protection of constitutional guarantees, maintenance of order, and safeguarding life and property.



The objective of the Vanceburg Police Department is to improve the quality of life, enhance community spirit through personalized services, citizen involvement, planning for the future, and a commitment to timely action.



Vanceburg Policing Is:

A commitment by the Vanceburg Police Department to provide the best possible police services to the citizens of Vanceburg and to give the citizens the knowledge and tools to help them avoid becoming victims of crime


Citizens of Vanceburg recognizing their role in assisting the police to prevent crimes by reporting suspicious activity and misconduct they observe


A vow to provide the best possible police services through specialized patrols and crime prevention programs.



Joe Paul Gilbert

Police Chief


189 Second Street

Suite B

Vanceburg, KY 41179


Ph: 606-796-2111





Police Officers/Dispatch
Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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