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Front Street, Vanceburg, KY

Contact City 606-796-3044

Veteran's Memorial Park

We are very proud of our Veteran's

Memorial Park!


The Park is located at the end of Main Street and Front Streets in downtown Vanceburg, along side the beautiful Ohio River.

The Park was built and dedicated in 1996. The idea for the park stemmed from Ben Pugh, a former President, and CEO of Citizens Deposit Bank. He recommended the bank donate the land, plus a gift of $100,000, which was given to the City to build the park. The Veteran’s Park is also a memorial to Ben Pugh’s father, Benjamin Thomas Pugh, who was a Lieutenant Commander and fighter pilot in the U.S. Navy from 1940 to 1951. He served in World War II and was killed in action in Korea in 1951.

Veteran's Park Monument

The Veteran's Park is available to rent for parties, weddings or get-to-gethers. There are public restrooms available. Call the City at 606-796-3044 to reserve for your next event. Cost is $100.00.

View of the River
Veteran's Park
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