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World War II Memorial

In memory of those who gave their lives for their country in World War II, 1941–1945.

Erected by Mrs. Dean Swearingen through the generosity of the people of Lewis County Kentucky. Refurbished by Disabled American Veterans, Lewis County Chapter 150.

Memorial is at the intersection of Second Street and Court Street, on the right when traveling east on Second Street.

U.S. Army

Armstrong, Ermal E.

Armstrong, James

Bloomfield, Carlen 

Bodkins, James I.

Brewer, Homer C.

Bruce, Alexander T. 

Bunch, Leland O.

Conley, Clyde

Cottingham, C., Jr.

Cox, Raymond L.

Davenport, Kenneth G.

Durham, Robert L. 

Evans, Raymond E.

Ginn, Andrew F.

Hamilton, Lawrence

Hardy, Maurice C.

Harrison, Marion D.

Hausley, John E.

Hickle, Charles

Horsley, Floyd

Hughes, Percy D.

Jones, Norman

Kilgore, Clyde E.

Logan, Fulton

Lowder, Rowland O.

McClurg, Ben

McEldowney, Chas. I

Nolen, Earsel

Payton, Russell L.

Perry, Charles E.

Picklesimer, G. B.

Polley, Everett K.

Rice, George W.

Rolph, Elma

Sapp, Dallas L.

Silvey, Hurley R.

Smith, Winnie

Sparks, Alva

Spriggs, Charles

Staton, James E.

Stone, Fielden

Stone, Tinsley

Stone, William O.

Thacker, James L.

Vance, Roy

Voiers, Charles

Wells, Charles R.

Wilson, Eugene D.

White, Porter E.

Willis, Leslie H.

Young, Tom H.

U.S. Coast Guard

U.S. Marines

Burns, Virgil

Cooper, Melvin W.

Cooper, Richard W.

Crisp, James H.

Esham, Gilbert C.

Harr, Howard R.

Ingram, Joseph A.

Kennard, James D.

Meadows, Estell Lee

Penrod, Charles H.

Richardson, Homer

Roe, Arlin F.

Ruggles, Donald N.

Air Force

Lewis, George M., Jr.

World War II Memorial
World War II Memorial

U.S. Air Force

Air Force. Lewi, George M., Jr.

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